Friday, June 23, 2023

Ten commandments: Dr Kondekar's Key Principles in Autism Reversal

 Key principles in Autism reversal: 

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Dr Kondekar's ten commandments on Autism reversal: 


1.Dont be Special, turn into social 

2.To make social, switch from object world based teaching to people and action based teaching 

3.To develop communication; switch from screen based learning to body language based learning 

4.To develop language, switch from seeing-doing activities to listening talking activities 

5.Sitting tolerance increases by sitting activities with sensory breaks as per childs requirement. Making a child continuously jump and run will make him expert in jumping and running 

6.Constant hugging kissing and carrying skin to skin, make the child get physically pampered and stubborn. keeping your child 2 feet away face to face helps develop eye contact and social communication

7. If you dont make rules for child behaviour, child will start ruling you and throw tantrums to change your behaviour. 

8.Children copy what they see, hear and feel. Dont let them see ,hear and feel what u dont want them to learn, for example saying no or physically handling the child or shouting to grab attention. 

9.Dont teach letters and alphabets,or what is this type of teaching; they are for picture recognitions. Teach in sentences, it means language. Dont ask questions, just go on narrating. 

10.Music/rhymes is good only for momentary solo pleasure. Switch to lyrics and language if you wish the time to be utilized for learning and communication. 

Dr Kondekars ten commandments on Autism reversal

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