Friday, June 23, 2023

14 point protocol for weekly update of autism kids follow up

Format for giving information or follow up of your kid across whatsapp to Dr Kondekar

copy paste the following with answers

Name of child

Date of birth


Payment date and time and mode

See weekly symptom monitoring diary at


List changes as per--

Comparing now with two week back.. and send me pl

1. Eye to eye connection--


3-Obeying commands-

4.Response to sounds -

5. Unnecessary Jumping or running -

6.Biting mouthing throwing hitting hurting :



9.pointing, gripping, imitation, Writing -

10.Sounds from mouth-


12. Pretend play, role play, Comprehension and Stories listening skills, sequential

13. Other (sensory issues/ school issues/behaviours)-

14. Mixing with peers in sitting games, group work


List as gains and goals, rather than writing positives or negatives

List any medicine doses changed recently.

List any medicine couldn't be taken with number of days couldn't be taken. Read more at

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