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autism reversal principles and some basic advice PARENTS ARE KEY

if you feel you have learnt all tricks of OT etc , and you can teach OT to any kid with autism or take care of your 
autism kid for years, *you are wrong*; it just means that you dont know the next step. Sometimes it's good to 
accept we are wrong, then only we can *see the ray of hope.*
When we work with medicines and therapy *we develop connections and cross connections to processing 
centers;* which shows extended level of communications in the form of development in various *domains of 
understanding* including knowledge, nonverbal communication, behavior, emotions, socialization, interactive 
games and talking and writing skills apart from physical things.
** *Leaving things half way will develop connections half way and loose connections always die.* ** Often with a 
*Development is decided by connections, speed is decided by myelination.* 
At least keep a *minimum goal of readiness for primary school* admission over 2 year phase. Then divide them 
into steps. 
*Later the age of intervention or medicines harder will be recovery or development of milestones.*
Work towards reducing severity of level, A child who can take main stream schooling for primary usually is 
*independent* and can be educated and trained to take care of family responsibly , when he or she grows up.
*Remember every one has limits.. even God too does.. we all are attempting to look beyond the perceived limit 
and find a higher achievable limit, in the best interest of the child, when we walk towards horizon attempting to 
touch the limit, the limit too moves ahead.*giving us hopes to improve further every month 
Dr Kondekar #MakingSense
I want all parents to understand when we are looking for improvements, what all changes we may look for. A keen 
parent would like to note down minor details about every change on weekly basis rather than saying sir no 
Other parents may have similar ideas but if u don't note down In details, it's not easy to compare the improvement 
across time line. See the monitoring chart. Given at website for getting a serious idea to see 
objective change.
The improvements can be minor when we expect changes every week , it's always better to note down.
*Try to list changes as per gains since last visit and goals till next visit*
Also you have headings
activities - living, household,, skills and gross /fine motor
Langauge concepts
Pre match concepts
Story concept
Math concept
Abstract concepts etc
Medicines :
As I told u most of them are raw material used for building block for forming bridges in brain. These combinations 
will reduce or change every month after every weekly titration across whatsapp. After first positive response we 
follow gradual reduction in nutrients...systematically.
Half hearted efforts will give incomplete response, more so in a situation where world say nothing can be done 
except exercises.
Exercises only effect the input but has no major role in processing connections in brain

key principles in autism reversal:
1.Dont be Special, turn into social
2.To make social, switch from object world based teaching to people and action based teaching
3.To develop communication; switch from screen based learning to body language based learning
4.To develop language, switch from seeing-doing activities to listening talking activities
5.Sitting tolerance increases by sitting activities with sensory breaks as per childs requirement.Making a child 
continuously jump and run will make him expert in jumping and running
6.Constant hugging kissing and carrying skin to skin, make the child get physically pampered and stubborn. keeping 
your child 2 feet away face to face helps develop eye contact and social communication
7. If you dont make rules for child behaviour, child will start ruling you and throw tantrums to change your 
8.Children copy what they see, hear and feel. Dont let them see ,hear and feel what u dont want them to learn, for 
example saying no or physically handling the child or shouting to grab attention.
9.Dont teach letters and alphabets,or what is this type of teaching; they are for picture recognitions. Teach in 
sentences, it means language. Dont ask questions, just go on narrating.
10.Music/rhymes is good only for momentary solo pleasure. Switch to lyrics and language if you wish the time to 
be utilized for learning and communication. 
Dr Kondekars ten commandments on Autism reversal
*Understanding-Goal Directed Approach :*
Dear Parents
Make a list of all things u feel will be impossible in your kid and work towards it.
if you believe nothing is impossible, list things or issues your kid has difficulty in and list what all you did for your 
kid for same issue for last 3 months. list what all you made possible.
if you can list all changes you brought in last 3 months, discuss with expert about next step and how rapidly it can 
be achieved.
if you are stuck at a step for more than 3 months, we are losing time and raise an alarm.
*Accept autism, don't accept disability, work towards enabling same*.
Understand and re understand the issue differently and work towards it.
Its true that you know best for your kid, but *its equally true that u don't know what is best for others kids* 
;Parenting an autism kid since ages, doesn't make you an expert for others kids unless you get through details of 
thousands of cases.
So unless you are expert *don't start teaching other parents,* you may be giving some information halfway which 
is true only for your kid. It's not a routine parenting issue in autism.
*Dont give up your desire to learn and do something new every day.*
its true that home therapy is needed, but *don't make your house a therapy center with various toys and 
Home therapy in true sense will mean practicing tricks with home based day to day objects and acts

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milestones of speech development in children

Speech often confused as just a verbal expression, actually needs to understand as any mode of communication between two living beings in the form of  listening speech, understanding speech and expressing speech through action or gestures or words.

Gestalt method of speech therapy in autism: how to teach langauge to autism kids

Teach with meaning, not with grammer. Teach will words and sentences not with letters and phonics  Teach with linked sentences and not broke...