Friday, June 16, 2023

autism: Free help for parents of kids with speech and behaviour issues.

 Autism and hyperactivity at times go hand in hand adding difficulty in learning .

In autism child is not able to SENSE the environment and hence sensory issues start coming. Once put the sense in order, all of them shall disappear.

Untreated SENSE, may turn a child cognitively weak and at times adding many neuropsychiatry morbidities like anxiety, fear, depression, hitting hurting, stubbornness, behaviour and sleep issues.

In ADHD, Sense may be normal, but there is unusual unwanted increased physical activity due to inpulsiveness, distractibility and lack of focus. When we tackle these three, kids with ADHD  will be sitting and attending.

Untreated hyperness will eventually be managed by people as physical restrain. More the physical restrain or pampering, more will be likely hood of violent behaviour and or other conduct disorders like lying stealing etc.

It's the job of neurodevelopmental pediatrician to quickly pick these issues and start with early intervention in the form of:

1.counseling: the parents and at times kids to under stand the need of 

2. early intervention: doing something earliest to make the child learnable and improve understanding and vocabulary with

3. treatments and therapies as needed and accordingly

4. Chalking out a plan for further management and periodic modifications to add speed and plan the next level.

Remember, if a goal is not planned and revised monthly, we are not working towards a goal 

Any delay will turn into deficit sustaining longer.

Any unwanted thing permitted and promoted with persist.


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