Saturday, November 18, 2023

train eyes and ears to sense humans.. not training the skin for objects..

When eyes and ears
Add 90% SENSE to life,
Have your 90% sensory activities 
With eyes and ears..
And not 90% sensory with
Skin touch texture pressure.

Sensory issues is about not having sense of the world..
Add sense .. add life.

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Therapy in autism should be sequential

Development is a sequential process .. so should therapy be 

If your therapist or your home therapy expert is using the same toys puzzles acitivities for your kid more than 3 months, you are wasting time.

After birth, kids learns to recognise mother first.
Recognising humans and eye contact with humans shall be the first stage of development and so for therapies..
So prime Goal is connect with humans... And not with objects, letters and numbers.

One who is not connecting with humans and u r trying to teach through objects letters numbers.. u r taking the kid away from communication.

DR Kondekar 

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

autism reversal principle 3

Autism reversal commandment number 3 click the link above
To develop communication, switch to action and language based learning from object, picture and screen based learning.

Monday, November 13, 2023

autism: changing perspective

Learning occurs through sensory sensing.
95% learning occurs through sensing by ears...
And  focussed observing by eyes....
Only 5 % learning occurs through other "sensory"
Like touch,smell, pressure, joint, position sense etc
" It's unwise to spend 95% of therapy inputs on this 5%, when prime goal of child is Sit,look,listen & focus."
Have 99% of your efforts towards learning through major senses ears and eyes.
Ear is most powerful sensory organ as it makes u listen langauge with its power of adding tenses- past tense, future tense, imagination, adjectives and advanced vocabulary which helps us understand stories.
Learning through eyes is limited unless you teach kids to learn and read books, picture story books.
Learning the receptive communication and receptive socialiisation is the  most priority in autistic kids.
Don't waste your time on object identification and identifying pictures of letters and numbers as it's Not the priority ahead of human identification.
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basic advice to parents of autism kids about how learning is to be initiated and in what direction

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