Saturday, December 9, 2023

stories: The way of Teaching language and concepts

*Teaching: An undeniable approach for parents*

_Teaching and educating a child during initial years of his/her life is essential but challenging too._
Parents often stand in a dilemma to choose *the best teaching method* for their child. 
But what is the best method? 🤔
*Hear it out in doctor’s words* -

Many parents show their children illustrations from the book📕 and ask them to identify the images represented in it. 
For beginners, showing illustrations is a right approach but asking them to identify them on their own is not.❌ It is like you are taking your child’s exam before teaching him/her anything. 
*Real teaching is when a child asks the question and parents answer.*
*_Let child’s inquisitiveness rise._*🤓
Take examples from home, suppose an apple 🍎is kept on the table, tell your child this is an apple🍎 enriched with vitamins and we should eat it. This way, he will be able to identify the apple and become aware of its benefits.

*Next comes the role of books📚 in the mental development of a child.*✨ _Parents should give those books to their child that have pictures in them and their story progresses as the child turn its pages._ 📈It will make child understand the narrative of story on his/her own.

Parents are advised to always prioritize *face to face🗣️ communication* with child by using conversational stories. 

For a *2 years old,* best conversational stories can be derived from Hindu mythology🔱 because here you are not required to think before quoting. They are solely based on conversations and we want children to copy pragmatics through conversational stories. 💫It can be best told by *action and sequence* of the sentences and should be continued for *3 months*.

*Right way of storytelling*
Parents should focus on only one story a day with a duration of *not more than 20 minutes*.💬 It can be repeated the same day but should not be extended till the next day. This same story can be repeated🔁 the entire day but every time in a more innovative manner 🌀for stronger understanding of same story. This practice is called *real time dynamic learning of the conversational story telling*. A child best learns the conversation by copying the conversation. *_100 stories for 100 days_* should be the target of parents.

For a *3 years old* child, moral stories for *3 months* should be taught. Stories that include discussion among people🧍🏻🧍🏻‍♀️ and framing the conclusion with some moral values🚯 like *Panchtantra,* *ESOP Fables*,*Shaymchi aai in Marathi.* Stories with moral lessons will be more impactful than simply telling them moral values or advising them not to opt any bad practice because *restriction always provokes children.*🫥

*For a 4 year old,* stories involving tricks, logics, and mindfulness will be the best. For example, *Akbar-Birbal stories*🧞‍♂️ and *Tenali-Rama stories*🥷🏻 will compel a child to awaken his thought process.

By the age of *5 years*, a child will develop some maturity and enough understanding to comprehend the *basic concepts of science* like how the plants grow,🌱how the earth rotates,🌍 why the rain falls, etc.🌧️ This should be explained to a child in a simple story format.

And finally, when a child understands science, by *6 years* 👱🏼‍♂️of age, his mind is open to learning mathematics concepts. 

*Note*- From *4-6 years,* child should gradually be made aware of pre-mathematics concepts like shapes,🔵🔺🔶size, counting numbers, 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣etc. 
Even addition-subtraction should be taught to them in a story format. For instance, Ram has two toffees🍬 and Laxman gave him 2 more. So, 2+2= 4 which means Ram has total 4 toffes. 🍬🍬🍬🍬
*_This sequential way of teaching will expand child’s mind in plethora of ways._*

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Saturday, November 18, 2023

train eyes and ears to sense humans.. not training the skin for objects..

When eyes and ears
Add 90% SENSE to life,
Have your 90% sensory activities 
With eyes and ears..
And not 90% sensory with
Skin touch texture pressure.

Sensory issues is about not having sense of the world..
Add sense .. add life.

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Therapy in autism should be sequential

Development is a sequential process .. so should therapy be 

If your therapist or your home therapy expert is using the same toys puzzles acitivities for your kid more than 3 months, you are wasting time.

After birth, kids learns to recognise mother first.
Recognising humans and eye contact with humans shall be the first stage of development and so for therapies..
So prime Goal is connect with humans... And not with objects, letters and numbers.

One who is not connecting with humans and u r trying to teach through objects letters numbers.. u r taking the kid away from communication.

DR Kondekar 

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

autism reversal principle 3

Autism reversal commandment number 3 click the link above
To develop communication, switch to action and language based learning from object, picture and screen based learning.

Monday, November 13, 2023

autism: changing perspective

Learning occurs through sensory sensing.
95% learning occurs through sensing by ears...
And  focussed observing by eyes....
Only 5 % learning occurs through other "sensory"
Like touch,smell, pressure, joint, position sense etc
" It's unwise to spend 95% of therapy inputs on this 5%, when prime goal of child is Sit,look,listen & focus."
Have 99% of your efforts towards learning through major senses ears and eyes.
Ear is most powerful sensory organ as it makes u listen langauge with its power of adding tenses- past tense, future tense, imagination, adjectives and advanced vocabulary which helps us understand stories.
Learning through eyes is limited unless you teach kids to learn and read books, picture story books.
Learning the receptive communication and receptive socialiisation is the  most priority in autistic kids.
Don't waste your time on object identification and identifying pictures of letters and numbers as it's Not the priority ahead of human identification.
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