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cry in autism kids, meltdown or temper tantrums or pain?

A good number of time children with autism are seen cranky, crying or irritated, restless and not receptive or cooperative.
There are few reasons which can help us settle the issue.
1. Tantrums: These also called temper tantrums, often have a reason or need not being met. The reason can be as stupid or simple but may not be often obvious. The cry is mainly because the demand is denied. So when a child showing tantrums, he may giving a good eye contact and some response to communication or bargain or deal. Often it's close to stubbornness. 
Tantrums is best tackled not by meeting the demand but by ignoring it.
2. Stubbornness: is often associated cry as there is obvious resistance from both sides. The resistance can be for any specific pattern of behaviour action communication or need of some object. When a child starts developing his social communication, his ego starts developing. With his ego, he tries to get his demands and needs met by controlling others. If there is any resistance or denial or neglect by others, child gets agitated , the ego being hurt and it results in hurting or cry or pinching or biting or pulling hair or throwing in Autism kid. The best way to treat this is by ignoring, going out of scene, going away from eyes of child, running out of room for at least 3 minutes.  Even standing like a statue facing wall with eyes closed also helps. But dealing, bargaining, trying to explain or counsel the kid or falling from demands or even looking into kids eye will worsen the situation. 
3.meltdowns: often when an autism kid has a meltdown, the reason cannot be judged or found. The child keeps crying relentlessly. There will be no eye contact, no demand. Child any roll on floor or keep walking while crying. Often this is result of child's inability to cope up with nature, situation or frustration. Often this is cry of frustration and depression.
4. More commoner causes of crying in autism kids:
Constipation/ indigestion
Colic or cramps
Nose block or runny nose
Pain due to any trauma or injury
So often doctor or therapist dealing with autism has to keep these reasons mind.
When a child is in crying phase, often the therapy session goes waste.
A developmental pediatrician helps sort out understanding and treating such issues with appropriate medications when needed.
Counselling and behaviour therapy works better only when the child is in a state of LISTENING. 
It's the neuro pediatrician doctors job to make a kid more receptive, responsive and responsible.
DR Kondekar http://autismdrmumbai.com

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