Saturday, September 23, 2023

Using Alexa app for speech therapy assistance : blueprint

Using Alexa for speech assistance and training
Use of voice for listening, understanding, copying, voice commands and voice modulations , kids stories, pronounciation, vocabulary and information, knowlege and importantly how to section all helps parents to use the device for kids learning vocabulary in Hindi and English both.
In addition, there is a secret option in alexa which can be used for information added by you for training your kid in your own way or judiciously adjusted for individual child's use.
This option in alexa is called alexa my questions. This option is hidden in alexa blueprint section, which can be modulated from your Using Alexa App and if the same account is for any alexa , your my questions will work for same alexa.
In this my questions section you can add your answers with questions changes in 3 different formats. So even if u change the format of the question, it may give same planned answer. You as parent can create such hundreds of answers like the one in rapidex English speaking course book available online for free. A child or caretaker can be trained to sue my questions app to bombard variety of information to the kid, a type of semidynamic interactive content for interactive langauge learning.
The kid has to be made auditory receptive before we assume that auditory vocal  signals will help initiate language. It can be done with help of medical support as needed. The more u make a child listen, the more the child will be Auditory learner.
Remember, in a child with speech delay, adding music (entertainment) in early years of life will only serve for rhythm and entertainment, which will make the child only entertained and that will be an escape from langauge or meaning of the vocals. Had the time used for music and nonvocal sound given to child ear been utilised for vocal inputs.. child will be learning the vocal inputs faster. 
*Stay away from screen (visual) learning, stay away from music based learning, insist for vocal based (Auditory) learning, insist for meaning based learning* Radio is a mode of passive audio input with dynamic and rich content. But prefer chanels with less music and more words like say bibidhbharti or akashwani.*
Dr Kondekar

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